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 Gas Station Lights - Flush Mount


  1. High brightness: Utilizes 3030/5054 LED chips and 244PCS lamp beads, providing bright illumination to ensure sufficient lighting for gas stations and similar areas.

  2. High safety: Meets the IICT6 explosion-proof rating, making it suitable for high-risk environments, offering a safe and reliable lighting solution for gas stations and similar locations.

  3. Long warranty period: The product comes with a warranty period of 3-5 years, ensuring reliability and long-term use.

  4. Embedded installation: Designed for embedded installation, seamlessly integrating the light fixture with the surroundings, providing an aesthetic lighting effect suitable for decorative and lighting requirements in gas stations and similar locations.

  5. Versatile application: In addition to gas stations, this product is also suitable for other similar environments such as chemical plants and mines that require explosion-proof lighting solutions.

  6. Power : 100W/150W/200W.



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Design Philosophy

Efficiency Unleashed, Aesthetics Embodied


exploded image

Taiwan MEAN WELL/Philips power supply, Explosion-proof driver case.

3030/50554 SMD light source

ADC12 die-casting aluminum radiator with efficiency up to 96w/M.K

Tempered glass cover

High thermal conductivity aluminum PCB

Waterproof silicone gel

Thermal Management Technology